Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen refurbishment - kitchen remodeling or fitting? Best kitchen makeovers in London!

At ALPHA, we are proud to be trusted specialists in the industry, offering kitchen renovation across London and kitchen fitting for London homes of all sizes and styles. For each of our kitchen renovation or kitchen installation projects in London, we work closely with customers to clearly define and determine the style they want, to allow a kitchen installation at their London property that both looks good and meets their budget.

When it comes to sourcing quality furniture for our kitchen renovations and kitchen makeovers in London, we enjoy working with customers to get the cabinets, doors, drawer fronts and decorative panels they want, which our kitchen fitting team in London does separately from the worktops and the appliances.

This kind of kitchen renovation process in London homes allows us to get customers a wide range of products, achieving the best value too. Our kitchen fitters in London do not need to work with limited suppliers, which helps us find the products you want, and ensuring kitchen makeovers in London deliver bespoke results.

For many of our kitchen renovation or kitchen installation projects in London, we will carry out necessary structural alteration works. Our kitchen fitters in London will work to open up internal spaces, increase the amount of glazing, and ensure more natural light will flood into your new kitchen.

Each of our kitchen fitters in London is fully experienced, and equipped to complete kitchen fitting and kitchen renovations in London homes of all styles and sizes. From wall and floor finishes and bespoke decoration, to essential plumbing and electrics our kitchen fitting in London does everything you will need, making us the kitchen renovation company to call, and the team to trust.


What does a kitchen fitting company do?
Kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation London. Our offer of kitchen fitting.

As expert kitchen fitters working in London we are responsible for installing and fitting kitchens that are built to last, as well as impress. . From removing existing units to measuring for new ones our expert kitchen fitters across London always follow technical plans to work around hidden pipes and units.

As a leading kitchen fitting company in London we offer many different services, including:

  • Measuring out work areas according to plans
  • Removing and disposing of old units, appliances and decor
  • Investigating the position of hidden pipes and cables
  • Measuring and cutting worktops
  • Building base units, wall units and cupboards
  • Fitting cornices, pelmets, plinths and worktops
  • Cutting out spaces for sinks, cookers and hobs
  • Using a range of hand and power tools
  • Tiling walls and laying flooring
  • Following strict health and safety guidelines
  • Working in client’s homes or businesses

Kitchen Fitting in London: Reasons for Doing The Work

At Alpha Refurbishment, we know that the kitchen is the heart, the hub, the centre of the home, which is why our kitchen renovation work in London is designed to enhance your space and transform your home.

With modern living and growing families, a kitchen refurbishment project could make your house a better place both aesthetically and functionally. Creating more room, adding practical features, and improving storage are just a few reasons to do kitchen renovation in your London property.

Whether it is a full scale kitchen renovation in a London townhouse, or a smaller kitchen refurbishment job in your terraced property, research shows that a high-quality kitchen can add value to your property by as much as six per cent, meaning that there are financial reasons to choose a kitchen extension in London homes, as well as practical reasons.

Depending on your requirements and your budget, your kitchen renovation can be anything from a side return kitchen extension to a full scale and luxury kitchen renovation job. Either way, adding space, getting more use of your communal area, or developing a stunning entertainment hub for your home, all good reasons for kitchen remodelling in London.

What Makes our Kitchen Fitting London Company Unique in terms of kitchen refurbishment?

There are many kitchen fitting company names in London, but Alpha Refurbishment is the one to trust. Our unique, customer focused approach to all our kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation work across London makes us stand out in our industry.

Our team of expert and dedicated kitchen fitters in London are committed to this unique company ethos and to creating and installing kitchens that customers truly love. When we work on kitchen fitting projects in London, we are never satisfied until every detail has been carefully checked and the end results meet with full customer approval.

From large scale kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation in large London properties to space transforming and storage maximizing kitchen refurbishment work in London flats, we work closely with customers to ensure the results they deserve are delivered every time.

Whether large or small, contact us today to get the advice of our kitchen fitters in London, and to enjoy the unique approach of Alpha Refurbishment.

Kitchen renovation, installation & kitchen remodelling London
Is it a Sound Investment?

When it comes to selling a property, sometimes it is a kitchen renovation at your London home or lack of one, that can make all the difference when potential buyers do their viewing. With the kitchen the heart of the home for so many, a stunning and stand out kitchen installation or new kitchen renovation at your London house is a genuinely good investment for you.

As well as wanting a personal style, many people use a kitchen renovation at their London place to create enhanced functionality, quality appliances, and worktops, and a style that they love for the lifestyle they want to lead.

Any kitchen renovation must also keep in mind what it may mean if you decide to sell in years to come, as every buyer has their own unique requirement for a kitchen style.

For any kitchen renovation project in London, pick your own style with one eye on sale potential later down the road.

Some facts about Kitchen Renovation,
Kitchen Refurbishment & Kitchen Installation London

If you are looking for a stylish and stunning kitchen renovation at your London home, Alpha Refurbishment is the company to call. From kitchen fitting in large London townhouses to creating a stylish and practical kitchen remodeling in a London apartment, our team of expert kitchen fitters is on hand to transform your space and create a whole new look for you.

We know that a kitchen renovation in a London home can be both exciting and life changing, taking your home and lifestyle possibilities to the next level, which is why our kitchen fitters work closely with each client to ensure their specifications are met and their visions are realized.

For a full, in house kitchen fitting and kitchen renovation service in London, contact us without delay.

Process of Kitchen Fitting for London Homes Planning

  • Our kitchen renovation work in London involves a visit to measure, plan, discuss and finalize all the project details.
  •  We send a kitchen renovation model for you to peruse
  • 3D software to help you see the full kitchen renovation plan
  •  You can easily adjust the design, check out the doors, cabinets and choose a worktop (Granite, Quartz, Quartzite or Timber).
  •  Alpha Refurbishment will email all final plans, budgets and schedules for your kitchen fitting work.

From stripping and removing walls, to design, to completion, Alpha Refurbishment offers a full service kitchen renovation and kitchen fitting service across London.

Kitchen Installation Process - Kitchen Fitting

1. Our kitchen fitter for your kitchen installation will turn off your water supply in order to drain pipes and perform pipeline work. The water will only need to be turned off at the stop cock for a few hours then, once the pipeline work is complete our kitchen fitting team can get the water back up and running.

2. For our kitchen installation projects, the kitchen is stripped out, usually in this order: doors, drawers, oven, hob, cornice, lights, wall units, tiles, worktop including sink, plinths and last of all, base units. Such kitchen makeovers can be done quickly.

3. If any cables or plumbing needs to be moved, our kitchen fitters will do this before any patching/floor levelling or skimming of walls.

4. For our kitchen renovation work in London, minor building work is carried out such as building stud walls, moving doorways, taking down walls, before anything else is done.

5. Before fitting starts, our kitchen installation team carries out “first fix” work, involving any alterations to the plumbing or electrics where needed. This can take from half an hour to a few hours.

6. Any new electrics for fused spurs, sockets and switches are marked out before any kitchen installation work is continued.

7. For all kitchen installation work, plumbing is extended for the sink to suit the new layout of your kitchen.

8. Kitchen renovation work like this also includes the walls being chased out, with back boxes and wiring are fitted in place.

9. Walls and ceiling are prepared and plastered before any required coving is put up, this is standard for all kitchen installation work.

10. Floor is tiled and grouted or laminate laid

11. At this point in the kitchen installation and kitchen renovation work, the the units are ready to be fitted. Our kitchen fitter will start with base units, working out and around the room before moving on to the wall units.

12. The next step of the kitchen installation project is installing new worktops and the sink. Worktops are cut out to size and jointed, and cut outs for sinks and hob are made and worktops are edged before the final fitting.

13. The sink is then reconnected as part of the kitchen installation process.

14. If wall tiles are to be fitted, now is the optimum time

15. At this point in the kitchen renovation and kitchen installation project, cornices, pelmets and infill panels are followed by doors, drawer fronts and plinths. When our kitchen fitters these it highlights their expert engineering, as poorly cut or constructed mitre joints on a cornice could spoil the whole kitchen.

16. As the kitchen installation competition gets closer, integrated appliances are connected and tested.

17. Some tile grouting may remain, followed by a big tidy up and clean.

With most kitchen installation, kitchen renovation and kitchen remodelling work, it can be difficult to provide exact timings, as bespoke kitchens such as ours each have varied dimensions, room sizes, materialism and kitchen fitters, depending on the complexity of the job.

Thanks to our industry expertise, our kitchen fitters estimate approximately
5 working days as a general guideline for a complete kitchen installation for an average sized kitchen.

Kitchen Restoration – Kitchen Refurbishment London Pros

Whether it’s down to a tired looking kitchen or a style that you are simply sick off staring at, here at Alpha we want to create a kitchen renovation or full scale kitchen refurbishment that will transform your London home for years to come.

Working to your style, tastes, and budget, we can do a kitchen fitting that you will love, using our range of kitchen doors, various styles and elements that can make a kitchen refurbishment in London end with the room of your dreams. From modern and sleek, to classy and traditional, our kitchen remodelling in London can deliver what you want.

Not everything has to change in a kitchen fitting in London, and things such as cupboard doors can make a real style difference. For some kitchen refurbishments in London homes, a new worktop or surface can be just the job, or extra storage space to give more flexibility to the room and how you use it. Whatever you decide on for your kitchen fitting in your London home, we will make a room that impresses all who see it. Offering kitchen renovation and kitchen refurbishment across London, we offer a five-day express service, so contact us today for all your kitchen refurbishment inquiries in London.

Breathe new life into your kitchen
with Alpha Kitchen Fitters London

If you want a kitchen fitting or kitchen renovation in your London home that has the aesthetics and quality of a brand new kitchen but without the installation costs, Alpha is the company to call. Our kitchen fitters in London are experts at taking old kitchens and transforming them to look as good as new, if not better.

We work closely with customers to ensure that all our kitchen renovation work in London is based on customer requirements, from colours to styles, space changes to upgrades.

At Alpharef, we see each kitchen fitting in London as unique, using our years of expertise to repair and resurface, from cabinet doors to shelves, drawers to cupboards. Our kitchen fitting delivers easy to clean, easy on the eye finishes, and brings a new look to your old kitchen in no time.

Our TOP Kitchen Fitting London Specialist - Always at your hand!

When it comes to kitchen renovation and kitchen installation in London, the choice is yours and the options are almost endless. Our exquisite designs, our stylish products, and our stunning workmanship combine to create kitchen installations in London that never fail to impress.

Using inspiration from around the world, as well as precise, bespoke ideas from our clients, our kitchen fitting in London homes of all styles and sizes is nothing short of spectacular. We work closely with each client to determine both their personal style as well as their practical requirements, we treat each kitchen fitting project in London as unique, with the results that showcase this approach.

Our years of invaluable industry experience ensure that we are one of the finest kitchen fitting teams in London, offering both style and practicality to your home in a way that reflects just what your property needs.

From sleek, modern kitchen fitting work in London townhouses, to traditional yet statement-making kitchen remodelling in London terrace houses, our work will maximise your space and help you realise the dream you always had for your new kitchen.

Our kitchen fitting portfolio in London includes specialist work from Italian to classic, traditional to contemporary, modern to matt finishes, and German styles, with kitchen renovations tailored to our London customers’ requirements.

Browse our kitchen renovation portfolio, and let us help you get the kitchen fitting your London home deserves.

Everything you should know about Kitchen Fitting & Kitchen fitters in London

When it comes to getting a kitchen installation in your London home, choosing the right team is as important as deciding on the style. When you select your kitchen fitting team in London, take time to look at their work, how they operate, what their kitchen renovation experience in London looks like, and what they can offer by way of a price and service guarantee. For all kitchen fitting work and kitchen renovation projects in London, the right team makes all the difference to customer satisfaction.

Our years of experience doing kitchen fitting in London has taught us that getting things done right for the customer is what truly matters. From sticking to their style, keeping the project on time, and working within the budget, our kitchen fitting, kitchen renovation and kitchen refurbishment work across London is guaranteed not to disappoint, and designed to deliver truly wonderful results.

All our kitchen fitters in London are both experienced and dedicated, which is important to know when you are letting them do a full scale kitchen fitting in your London home, as you want people you can trust and professionals you can rely on.

The kitchen fitters we send to your London home will keep you informed at every stage of the project, and will do your kitchen renovation on time, every time.

Whether you are doing a kitchen installation at your London home, or a kitchen remodelling to create a whole new look, our kitchen fitters across London have the skills and talent to get your new space looking stunning, built to both impress and to last.

From opulent kitchen installation in large London homes to practical but gorgeous kitchen remodelling to maximise cooking and entertainment spaces in London flats, we will get the right materials to create your dream kitchen.

If our years of experience have taught us one thing, it’s how important people’s homes are to them, which is why our kitchen fitters in London see their minimum requirement as your maximum satisfaction.

Contact us today for quality kitchen fitting, kitchen renovation and kitchen refurbishment in your London home.