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When it comes to living in comfort, space is an important aspect. Loft conversions in London homes can be carefully created to maximise effective usage of space, but can also challenge designers.

For a loft extension, for example, the existing architecture has to be perfect so that the building comes with minimal or no flaws. From modern loft extensions to a dormer loft extension, London homes can transform any space into a beautiful atmosphere.

For many, a loft conversion in their London home is the way to achieve this, converting lofts and attics into a usable functional area.

Design and Structure of Loft Conversions – cost of loft conversion London

Many buildings get their beauty from design. With careful architecture, and this can be true with loft conversions in London homes, it is possible to create enormous structures without compromising on elegance. Loft conversions in London homes offer benefits at an affordable cost.

When it comes to loft conversions in London, we work closely with customers to provide bespoke design and structural solutions, with a view to keeping the cost of your loft conversion low.

How much value can a loft conversion in London add?

When it comes to loft conversions in London, it’s not just about space creation, it can be about adding value to your home. A high quality loft conversion in London can add as much as 25% or more to your property value, maling the cost of a loft conversion well worth the investment. As well as improving your living space and adding an extra dimension to your property, a loft conversion could mean a long term gain for your initial payout, whether that is a small loft conversion or something more sizable. Contact us for more details.

How much value can a loft conversion in London add?

As an established and experienced loft conversion company in London, we see the increasing popularity of L Shaped Loft Conversions is. As well as giving flexibility in terms of height and space dimensions, this kind of loft conversion in a London home can truly give you some great new space.

For a dormer loft conversion project, the roof windows extend vertically from the slope of a roof and within the L shaped loft conversion, the two dormers become intertwined into a corner. One end of the dormer, in most cases the larger end, is connected into the roof while the other end of the dormer is built into the roof of an existing rear extension.

Our loft conversion specialists in London see one of the advantages of an L Shaped Loft Conversion is the fact that it is possible to get a head space that is similar to the design of the first floor.

Adding a loft conversion in London on a Victorian or Edwardian terraced property will usually bring about just a single room, but an L shaped loft conversion can result in an additional second room.

Types of Property Suited for the L Shaped Loft Conversion

With these loft conversions on London homes the build relies on a rear extension which means the L shaped conversions are only suited to certain types of properties in London.

Victorian and Edwardian terrace and end of terrace properties offer a good option for one of these loft conversions on your London home as these kinds of houses have an addition to the rear of the house that creates an L shaped roof.

As an experienced loft conversion company in London we see these extensions often, and know that this kind of original back extensions were built to offer a ground floor kitchen and first floor bathroom which means the rear roof area within the L shaped loft conversion is perfect for a bathroom or an en-suite bedroom.

Is Planning Permission Required for
L-shaped Dormer Loft Conversion in London?

Some loft conversions in London need planning permission, but an L shaped dormer loft conversion is not one that usually does require it. At Alpha Refurbishment, we always discuss both the cost of a loft conversion for a London property as well as whether there are any additional planning permissions that should be in place before we start the work. As a trusted and experienced loft conversions specialists in London, we are able to help with planning permissions, as well as keeping our loft conversion clients up to speed with all necessary building regulations.

Dormer loft & Small loft conversion – An ideal way to make an extension for your house in London

As an experienced loft conversion company, we know that loft conversions in London represent both a great way to increase the value of your home, as well as offering many other benefits.
Whether you want a loft conversion to transform your empty attic space into a luxury new space for your family, or a loft extension in your London home to add a bedroom or home office space, we are the experts to trust.
At Alfa Refurbishment, we work closely with our loft conversion clients in London sharing our many design options and working to the style our clients want. Transforming spaces into stunning loft conversions in London homes, that’s what we do best.
For all our loft conversions in London, we are the loft conversion company you need. Browse our loft conversions portfolio, and contact us today for all your loft extension needs in London.

Unlike the dormer loft conversions we do in London, a Mansard loft conversions necessitates more dramatic alterations to the property. There are two roof slopes; the top slope is almost horizontal, while the lower slope is close to vertical at 72°.

When it comes to loft conversions on London properties, Mansard loft conversions are commonly built by raising the gable wall or the party wall on both sides of the house. This will create a profile for your mansard, allowing a timber frame to be constructed. Mansard loft conversion was discovered by a famed French architect known as Francois Mansard who designed houses in the 17th Century. Mansard designed homes that had airy and loft extended roof areas.

At Alpha Refurbishments, we have experience with many kinds of loft conversions across London, and our team understands that Mansard loft conversions are complicated when compared to other loft conversions. However, it offers a considerable amount of living space to homes. With this type of cheap loft conversion project on your London home, the additional space usually extends over the place of the roof.

In terms of loft conversion done on London homes, Mansard loft conversions allow great space for you to create a spare bathroom, bedroom, leisure area, or home office, with the cost of a loft conversion like this on your London home being offset by it adding value to your property value.

Why Choose Us for Your Mansard Loft Conversion

At Alpha Refurbishment, we have many years of invaluable industry when it comes to building loft conversions and loft extensions in London.

As loft conversions specialists in London we are proud to offer a range of bespoke services that allow you to assess the cost of a loft conversion at your London home and use our expert guidance to get the results you want, just one of the reasons people choose us for loft conversions in London.

Using quality materials and reliable building methods, our loft conversions in London continue to set the standards that people love and trust. As our reputation grows, our growing portfolio of projects continues to showcase our loft conversions and loft extensions work across London.

If you are looking at the cost of a loft conversion in London, or wondering what kind of loft conversion your London home may need, a Velux Loft Conversion may be a good solution. All our loft conversions in London are unique, bespoke projects, and one of the loft conversions that is popular is this one, where we can install Velux windows on either side of a sloped roof, giving you an ideal result that offers true value and style.

At Alpha Refurbishments, we are proud that our loft conversions work in London icnludes
high quality Velux Loft Conversions,  one of the most popular loft conversions in London properties. When it comes to the cost of a loft conversion in London coupled with the space that each one provides, this kind of loft conversion both increases space dramatically and does not require planning permission. The velux loft conversion is also known as Roof light loft conversion or Skylight.

What are Velux Loft Conversions?

When you are looking at loft conversions in London and you want to add extra headroom to utilize the space you have available, the Velux loft conversion is the answer, This is one of the loft conversions that delivers masses of natural light with high ventilation, preferable to some of the dormer loft conversions. Contact us to discuss the cost of a loft conversion at your London home and whether this may be the solution you have been looking for.

About windows for velux Loft Conversion

When it comes to loft conversion in London homes, adding Velux windows can help create both a more livable space as well as stunning light. As an experienced loft conversions company in London, we install these windows as they do not pitch out from the roof as the dormers do but will keep in line with the existing angle of the roof to allow natural light to come in without having to impact the structure of the roof.

Will the velux window let in enough light
for velux loft conversion?

As loft conversion specialists in London, we can tell you without hesitation that they most certainly do let in enough light, as well as superb ventilation for your new space. For loft conversions in London, whether it is for home offices, or a new bedroom or bathroom, these windows are superb, keeping you cool in the summer and warmer in winter.

How Much Does a Velux Loft Conversion Cost?

When it comes to the cost of a loft conversion at your London home, the Velux starts from around £20,000 or so, but the exact cost of this loft conversions  however the exact cost depends on a lot of factors such as the number of windows requires, the size of the roof, whether or not you require a bathroom or not and lots more.

At Alpha Refurbishment, we will walk you through the loft conversions available for your London home, and discuss the most reasonable cost of a loft conversion for your needs and within your budget. For a quote on the cost of a loft conversion at your London home, contact us.

What are the Basics behind Velux Loft Conversion?

Whether it is to make more room for a growing family, to add more storage or to create a home office space, loft conversions on London homes are becoming increasingly popular, with Velux one of those chosen frequently. When it comes to loft conversions in London, making the most of your space can transform the way you live, whatever you may need that extra space for. With the cost of a loft conversion in London always important this kind of loft conversion could be the most cost effective for many homeowners.

Benefits of Choosing Velux Loft Conversions London

  • Cheaper in comparison with other loft conversions
  • Comparatively quick to construct
  • Velux Loft Conversions increase ventilation and maximIse light
  • Requires less disruption with reduced construction work required
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Within the scope of permitted development, requiring no planning permission.

Loft conversions on London properties offer many advantages in terms of space and value, with Velux loft conversions one of the best in terms of what you get for your money.
Here are some of the common questions you may have regarding the Velux Loft Conversion:

Do you need planning permission for a velux Loft Conversion in London?

With these loft conversions on London homes, planning permission is only required if the structure of the roof is getting altered in some way. Unless you live in a conservation area or heritage area, or in a flat then only planning permission will be required. At Alpha, our team of loft conversions specialists in London will provide you free guidance and help you through the planning process till the completion.